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About Us

Gutsey is more than a product or a brand, it's a LIFESTYLE.

Living a “Gutsey Life” is about living with courage, determination and spirit.  The COURAGE to be who you want to be, the DETERMINATION to step outside your comfort zone (so that you may continuously grow), and a positive SPIRIT that only YOU are in control of.

Our philosophy is all about attitude.  We are confident that if you can change your attitude, you can change your life and the world around you.  

Gutsey Travel Bars

Gutsey bars were created for those on-the-go who are looking for an alternative from the traditional bars that are filled with sugar, bulked up with grains, gluten and other mystery ingredients.

Whether you're a local commuter or modern day digital nomad, eating healthy is without a doubt a difficult task - everywhere you turn there are less than healthy snack options.  In a world of increasing disease, and with the knowledge that much of our food might be to blame, it is time to take a stand against the unnatural ingredients that are hurting us, and start fueling our bodies with the best options possible.

Gutsey bars contain only good fats and organic ingredients. No GMO's, no grains, no gluten and no added sugars. The bar recipes are sinfully delicious, nutrient-dense and downright craveable.

All this goodness is packed into state-themed packaging that draws us back to our roots and reminds us that WE CAN get there from here - we just have to make the right choices along the way.



About the Founder

Carrie Forbes is a Boston based, New Hampshire raised entrepreneur, fitness buff and super foodie.  After starting Gutsey as a health and fitness blog, Carrie decided that she wanted to take her love for healthy food, combined with her desire to push others towards a healthy lifestyle and bring it to the masses.  

Carrie's goal is to influence everyday people towards a healthier lifestyle through grab-n-go products that are not only good for you but are extremely satisfying.