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10 Excellent Websites for Your Outdoor Adventures

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  1. ReddyYeti

Focused on bringing quality gear to people, ReddyYeti works with outdoor startups in order to get their product into the hands of people who want it. They start with an episode featuring the story of the founders of the startup on The ReddyYeti Podcast paired with a giveaway that offers their innovative and premium product.

  1. Outdoor Project

In order to bring engagement and passion to the protection and conservation of the outdoors, Outdoor Project offers a multitude of adventures, lodging options, field guides and maps, and more. Their belief is that through contact and engagement with the outside will inspire people to build relationships with each other and with the earth that sustains us.

  1. Northeast Mountaineering

NEM recognizes the personal benefits to spending time with others on mountains. In order to share these with others, they provide the assistance, gear, lodging, and even photography to create special experiences for beginners and novices of all ages. The guides are incredibly experienced and passionate about passing their knowledge to their guests.

  1. Outdoor Ninja

Offering a very personalized experience, the founder of Outdoor Ninja wants the digital generation to find new places and be rewarded for their activity. Beginning with an adventure profile, users are recommended different adventures to go on. By sharing stories and leaving advice, points are accumulated and prizes like discounted gear, outdoor products, and adventure trips are available in order to incentivize users in the outdoors.

  1. Adventures Without Limits

Looking to include adventures to all, Adventures Without Limits provides access to people regardless of any distinguishing factors. They offer ten activities and each trip is customized to suit the needs of the adventurers. They have adaptive equipment, specialized training, and extra staffing to be able to achieve their goal of serving all.

  1. Back40

By connecting guides with adventurers, Back40 creates a community in northern New England of people passionate about and excited to be outdoors. They offer the ability to become a host and get paid to design an adventure and share it with others. Adventurers can then browse and book trips with experienced, local guides. This provides the opportunity to join the active community dedicated to exploring the better than ordinary and hidden gems in the outdoors.

  1. No Barriers

Tasked with furthering the bravery, curiosity, and collaboration of explorers, No Barriers encourages unleashing potential through transformative experiences. They offer three different programs: the No Barriers Summit, No Barriers Warriors, and No Barriers Youth. From global trips focused on interaction with local people, to week-long backcountry expeditions, No Barriers has options available to fulfill their mission.

  1. WOO Sports

Wanting to get people outside using technology, WOO Sports turns action sports into a game. Using an app and a small sensor connected to your gear of choice, whether that be a kiteboard, snowboard, skis, skateboard, or anything else, WOO Sports turns your activity into a game. The app records sessions and achievements and connects to leaderboards in the area to add a competitive edge to the game the company has helped you create.

  1. OutdoorFest

Recognizing the need for an outdoor connection even in a city, OutdoorFest brings together outdoor enthusiasts for adventures in and around New York City. They host and promote events from yoga to hikes to cookouts and so much more to ensure that those living in the city are still able to connect with nature.

  1. Under30Experiences

Directed specifically at (and limited to) millenials, U30X specializes in providing authentic and cultural experiences that are off the beaten path. U30X organizes the whole trip and makes it as easy and carefree for its guests as it can - right down to a ride from the airport. They are an experience company rather than a tour group, which fosters community-based and personal connections to each other and the places traveled. 

Do you have any favorite adventure sites to add? Please comment below!


Blog Author: Maddox Ormiston

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