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Seasonal Allergies: The Underlying Causes, Treatment and Prevention

"Love allergy season, said no one ever" ;) 

Seasonal Allergies

Sore throat, stuffy, runny nose, watery eyes... all blatant signs that allergy season is here.  You might be thinking that this is just something that you have to deal with but actually it is something you might be able to prevent.

Does it really make sense that humans would evolve to be allergic to our natural surroundings? Probably not - we shouldn't have to take medication to survive in this world!


To put it simply your body detects what it has determined to be a foreign substance that has entered into your body and attacks the invader by producing histamines to protect the cells.  Those sniffles, congestion and watery eyes are all signs that the body is trying to push the invaders out! 


A weakened immune system makes you particularly susceptible to allergies.  One of the first things many of us does to prevent ourselves from getting sick is to sterilize everything, right?  We wash our hands, spray chemical cleaners on the counter-tops, the machines at the gym, we rinse our fruits and vegetables really well.  But all this sterilization is not allowing our immune system to build up its defenses.  

Studies show that highly clean environments can cause immune systems to overreact to harmless things such as pet dander, pollen and peanuts.  Read more about how people who grow up on a farm have way fewer allergies than the rest of us!


  1. Antibiotics: antibiotics are the devil in disguise.  They knock bacteria out of the gut altering intestinal microflora which can lead to changes in the entire immune system and produce symptoms THROUGHOUT the body.
  2. Alcohol: not only does alcohol compromise the immune system, most any type of alcohol contains histamines produced by yeast and bacteria during the fermenting process, and histamines are what set off allergy symptoms.  Alcohol also increases blood flow to the linings of your nose and can make nasal allergy symptoms worse.
  3. Stress: when your health is compromised stress is almost always a factor.  If you pay attention you may notice that on days of higher stress, allergy symptoms flare up. 
  4. Poor Liver Function: the more toxins you ingest and breathe into your system the more the toxins build up and the harder your liver has to work.  If there are too many toxins for the liver to handle it will burn less efficiently, your metabolism will slow, and excess toxins will be stored in your fatty tissues and liver.   
  5. Toxic overload: over the past 30 years the human body has been subjected to processed foods and chemical additives, in ever increasing quantities. Combine this with chemicals from other sources, which are polluting both atmosphere and soil, and we have an increasing toxic situation in the body which is making a lot of people sick in more ways than one.  


Gentle and regular detoxification by drinking plenty of water, raw vegetable juices and taking detoxification supplements or cleanse kits will help clear the toxic substances from your system.

  • Tri-Salts - a powdered natural supplement that you can take to help reduce allergic reactions (sometimes given by doctors when testing for allergies).  As soon as you feel a reaction starting, put about 1/2-1 tsp of tri-salts in a little water and drink it (tastes like nothing).   This can help to stop the reaction in its tracks.
  • Acupuncture - patients often get some relief during the first visit while lying on the exam table with their acupuncture needles in place and with continued treatments one can significantly reduce or eliminate their dependence on allergy medications.
  • Raw Honey or Bee Pollen Granules - honey can help allergy symptoms by regularly exposing you to pollen – not unlike the concept of how allergy shots work.
  • Nasal Rinse -  nasal irrigation is a simple and inexpensive tool that can help relieve your symptoms by physically flushing out irritants and allergens.
  • Exercise and Sauna - if allergies are increased by toxic buildup then one of the best things you can do is sweat those toxins out!

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