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Gutsey Ambassador: Matte Hanna, photographer, traveler, adventurer

Ambassador california oregon photographer

Where were you born? Where do you live now?

Born in California, now live in Oregon.

Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, things you love.

Hello! I’m landscape and lifestyle photographer that travels non stop and shoots off the grid for a handful of companies including myself. I have a Chug puppy who is my co-pilot. I like camping, hiking, ocean beaches, music and good food.

Tell us about any accomplishments you have received over the years and/or goals you are trying to achieve.

I have been featured on, one of the bigger photo gear blogs. Also this year, published in a few mags, a photo annual (Click Mag) and I just won the US National parks photo contest for night skies. I also work at Everfest/Fest300 as a staff writer and photographer. I also have been shooting for a few lifestyle /outdoor clothing companies such as Scott Hawaii and Kast Yoga Outerwear. I also worked at Beloved festival, What the festival, Oregon Country fair and Symbiosis Eclipse as staff photographer. I had the opportunity to shoot for Beck this last August.

Why do you think you live a GutseyLife?

I am constantly on the go, eating healthy is a challenge. When I go backpacking and camping, I have limited space to bring my meals. I would love to help promote something that fits with my gear, tastes yummy and also caters to a healthy lifestyle.

How do you want to help/inspire others?

I inspire others to get out and explore, take care of our body by making healthier choices for our body and planet.

Follow Matte's #GutseyLife on Instagram 

Don't forget to check out Matte's awesome business Mstar Films Creative. Mstar Creative is based on the stunning Oregon coast but also books commercial video, photography and destinations events worldwide. 

Feel free to share comments or ask questions for Matte below!

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