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Ambassador: Kerri Domohowski, teacher, hiker, yogi

Carrie Forbes

Where were you born? Where do you live now?

Weymouth, MA.  I grew up in Saugus Ma and currently living in Newburyport Ma

Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, things you love.

I love hiking! Any day I can get outside is a good day. I bike a lot to the beach and to the state park down street. I camp and hike in VT, ME, and NH. I also love Yoga and will be teacher certified by end of year. I am a full time middle school teacher too and love it! I teach in a Lynn, Ma :-)

Tell us about any accomplishments you have received over the years and/or goals you are trying to achieve.

Was just inducted into my HS hall of fame for soccer. Conquering Mt Whitney this August and wicked excited!

Why do you think you live a GutseyLife?

Love it! Inspiring :-)

How do you want to help/inspire others?

I want to encourage others to get outside more and step out of comfort zone. Book that flight, hike the mountain, or just explore a new place in your own hometown!

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