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Gutsey Ambassador: Ian Wilmot, digital marketer, videographer, adventurer

Carrie Forbes Ambassador

Where were you born? Where do you live now?

I was born in Providence, RI. Three years ago at the age of 27, my wife and I decided we wanted to live a more simple lifestyle and spend more time enjoying nature so we moved to Alton, NH.

Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, things you love.

I'm a full time adventurer and fun seeker. I left my job in finance to pursue a more rewarding career working as a content creator and digital marketer for various brands and companies. I love photography, videography, snowboarding and skateboarding, camping and spending time in nature.

Tell us about any accomplishments you have received over the years and/or goals you are trying to achieve.

In 2017 I partnered with the New Hampshire State Parks Department to create a video series titled "Limitless Adventure". We travel around the state highlighting different activities like hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking in various state parks. It's been a huge honor to be able to host such a fun show - as of the start of 2018 we've released 16 episodes netting more then 1 million views on Facebook.

Why do you think you live a GutseyLife?

Life is meant to be enjoyed. I found my passion for creating content and documenting experiences and have chased this dream ever since. Yes, some people might consider that it's easier to accept a job or role they aren't excited with to live a more "comfortable" lifestyle, but you’re bound to fail at things in life- so why not fail at something you enjoy rather then doing things you don’t like?

How do you want to help/inspire others?

Everyone should be able to find something they enjoy or have a true passion for and have the ability to work at that every day. Life is too short not to be happy. If I can inspire one person to start living their life to their truest potential and stop sitting around dreaming or fantasizing about it - I'll consider myself a success.

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You can also check out Ian's YouTube channel at: and follow his “Limitless Adventure” video series!

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