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Ambassador: Christopher Palko, runner, boarder, health enthusiast

Carrie Forbes


Where were you born? Where do you live now?

Born and grew up in Trumbull, CT then moved to eastern Connecticut and lived in the last green valley for 5 years. I had a brief stint in Quincy, MA before escaping the city to the New Hampshire Seacoast where I currently reside happily on the beach and hours from the mountains!

Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, things you love.

I was raised a soccer player and have found a way to play in every place I've lived. I am an avid distance runner and have raced in everything from 5k’s to 200 mile ultra relays. I’m a lover of all board sports - snowboards, surfboards, paddleboards, longboards. I snowboard mostly in the mountains of the northeast but often venture out to Colorado to visit my sister and ride in the Rockies. I live across the street from the 16 miles of New Hampshire Seacoast and get out on the ocean anytime there are waves. I’ve snowboarded and surfed in the same day 3 times this past year!

Tell us about any accomplishments you have received over the years and/or goals you are trying to achieve.

Books like Born to Run and Ultra Marathon Man have inspired me to go beyond what I thought was physically possible. Like all endurance athletes I love making myself a human test experiment by changing up my training routine, my diet, and pushing myself mental toughness to the limit. I’ve completed the seacoast road race series in New Hampshire the past 3 years and placed 3rd in my age group 2 of those years. I’ve captained 200 mile running relay teams almost every year for the past 10 years. My hardest of those teams was in the Adirondacks when I ran the 200 miles with only 5 other people as an ultra relay team. For me it was 35 miles and 1000s of vertical feet of running. This past year I completed my first Ski-Run-bike Triathlon, hiked and snowboarded the headwall at tuckermans ravine, won back to back indoor soccer co-ed league championships, and got 40 days of snowboarding in! This year I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon, put together another 200 mile ultra relay team, and travel to British Columbia to shred some powder at Whistler.

Why do you think you live a GutseyLife?

Six years ago I was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 25. I was told I would take high blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. I hated the idea of being bound to a drug, and the current healthcare system. How could I have high blood pressure when I was in such good shape and exercised more than anyone I knew? At 31 years old, through a drastic change in diet, and the addition of meditation/yoga my blood pressure is as low as it’s ever been. I'm also in the best physical shape I've ever been in. Astoundingly I achieved my half marathon PR last November with the least amount of physical training I’ve done in 10 years! I spend a lot more time being disciplined with my diet which is best explained as a mix of Paleo, Keto and Blood type …maybe even a little TB12. Hours in the grocery store and kitchen prepping meals replaced my hours of training. Gutsey bars have been one of the few convenience foods that totally meet my dietary needs!

How do you want to help/inspire others?

I'm living proof that achieving your goals is not just a product of how hard you train and how mentally tough you can be but how well you eat and balance your lifestyle. I love sharing my story, my diet, and my lifestyle with others.

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