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Gutsey Ambassador: Victoria Timm, 2017 Miss Maine Teen USA

Carrie Forbes Ambassador leadership padgeant


Growing up as an only child I pushed myself to try lots of hobbies to get outside of my comfort zone.

I tried everything between cooking classes, dance, horseback riding, karate, swimming, circus arts, guitar, flute, basketball, painting, and so much more. Then in high school I found my favorite hobbies to be field hockey and art. My mother is an artist so I like to think I got some artistic skills from her! But I find drawing to be my creative side of mine. My big passion is field hockey, as I'll be going onto play at the college level at Endicott College.

As a captain of my high school field hockey team, I learned a lot about leadership roles.

From winning Field Hockey Class A State Championship title in 2014 to losing games and not making it as far as they hoped, she learned a lot about what it takes to be a winner.  This determination is how she earned her position today as Miss Maine Teen USA 2017. She knew what she wanted and worked hard until she got it!

Victoria has used this title to volunteer around her community and met so many inspiring people along this journey.

I want to inspire others to "Just Be You".

I live everyday by that quote because every single one of us are special in our own ways, so we need to embrace that! Living with anxiety has been something that I struggle with but I've learned ways to cope with it to make me a stronger person. It helps to know that everyone has something unique that they struggle with, so that is why I embrace who I am and just be myself!

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