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The Worlds First Travel Bars

Gutsey bars were created for those who desire a better alternative from the traditional snack bars that are filled with sugar, bulked up with grains, gluten and other mystery ingredients.  Whether you're a local commuter or modern day digital nomad traveling by plane, train or automobile, eating healthy while on-the-go is without a doubt a difficult task - everywhere you turn there are less than nutritious snack options. 

Gutsey bars contain only good fats and organic ingredients. No GMO's, no grains, no gluten and no added sugars. The bar recipes are sinfully delicious, nutrient-dense and downright crave-able.

All this goodness is packed into state-themed packaging that draws us back to our roots and reminds us that WE CAN get there from here - we just have to make the right choices along the way!

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